Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Video Tutorial for decorated Mentos gum container

Well, I finally got this video uploaded, after several errors. Boy, it takes a while to get in the groove when you've been gone!

Hope you enjoy the video. I will work on the camera position. I had to change from my best angle because of early morning sun throwing a shadow across my work at my larger table. So, I'll get that all worked out by the next video. For now, ignore the angle :)

If you're new to my site and you enjoyed the video. Check out my new Occassions mini product shares a few posts down. Purchase your supplies and you can craft with me :)

For those who have been to my site before, you might notice a change. I've started using labels on my posts. And I've gone back and edited a lot of old posts. You can find posts according to the Stamp sets used and the theme of the post. Anyway, I hope that makes your browsing more enjoyable.

Happy stamping!!


1 comment:

Amy said...

Love this idea, Lisa! Now I'll be even MORE excited to get those Mentos for free or almost free!