Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Video Tutorial---3x3 Cards for the Mini Pizza Box

Hey everyone! I filmed how to make the first two cards for the mini pizza box. The cards are CUTE!! But my camera angle isn't soo cute! Sorry about that!! I know what I did wrong when I set up my camera, so I won't repeat that mistake tomorrow (Lord willing!!). Anyway, I hope the tutorial still helps you out with making these cards. I'll film the other two cards and post them tomorrow.

LOL! Oh, boy!!! I just noticed something funny with how I positioned the mini pizza box in my still photo. Do you see what is wrong? Leave me a comment if you figure out what is wrong with my photo!

If you're local don't forget my class on Friday! Until then, I hope you have fun stamping!!!


1 comment:

Julie Marshall said...

Great card set! I love how you've used everything in them. TFS!