Saturday, April 21, 2012

Papertrey Ink Framed Out Birthday Cards

I've got two  cards to share with you today.  They're actually different takes of the same card.   One uses 5 colors and the other 3.   The card revolves around 4 frames that have elements of these colors.   Besides the colors, the other unifying theme is stars.    I used mostly Papertrey Ink (PTI) colors and inks and some Stampin UP colors.  I've found that many items between the companies coordinate.   I used PTI's Framed Out #1 and Framed Out #2 stamp sets with the coordinating die for Framed Out #2 and the star borders dies.

If you'd like more details, you can watch me create this card on youtube (user name is irvinehouse)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and hopefully I'll see you next week with a new project.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Up, Up, & Away card

If you watched my haul video March 2012 Papertrey Ink Haul Video, you will know that I've been coveting the Papertrey Ink stamp set Up, Up & Away for a while.  It was the first stamp set I broke out to play with.   And this is my first creation.   I really love PTI's sentiments.   They are fun to combine.   The outside sentiment came from Pond Life ( a $5 stamp set with great sentiments).   And the inside one came from Up, Up, and away.

It is a fun set to play with.   I am looking forward to making more airballoons but coloring them.   And the sentiments are awesome and make this set very versatile.   I have so many more ideas for this set and I can't wait to play with it some more.  But then, I also have all these other new sets calling to me!!  LOL!   Such the difficult life of a crafter :)

If you'd like to see how I made this card, you can watch this video.  ( Oh boy, I can't believe the image youtube captured is of my dental appointment reminder card.   I quickly grabbed this contrasting paper so I could see to stamp on some white cardstock.  Ugghh.  I am making a note to have dark cardstock on hand at my filming station next time!!!  If you don't see the black postcard with the smiling tooth, you'll know I've succesfully changed the image on youtube!!)

Hope you have an awesome day, I"ll see you next time!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Papertrey Ink Strawberry Fusion card

A real quick video share today.   This was a quick and easy card.   I hope you enjoy it.   With strawberries being in season, I think I'm going to have to break out this set again :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The MAN sandwich

You know there are just some things that are man foods-- those things that all men like.   Like triple bacon cheeseburgers.  You know what I mean.  Well, what you are about to see is the **ultimate** man meal.

You see, it started when my son told me he wanted to get a few things at the grocery store.   I was thinking that maybe he was going to buy a pound of ham, since that is the sandwich meat of choice of the two men in the house, and we're always running out  and dh and ds are always at odds over who ate *all the ham*.   So, I figured he wanted to buy his own stash of ham :)   I suggested he stop at Aldi (a discount grocery store).

Well, when I got home ds was so excited to tell me that he made a 11.5 pound sandwich.   I couldn't imagine it.   I was trying to imagine how you could fit something that size in your mouth and where in the world would you get the bun.   I expressed this.  He informed me that he had made his own bun.   I couldn't imagine this either!!  Then he explained that he'd used two large bbq chicken pizzas for the top and bottom buns.  WHAT??  You gotta show me this!!

And this is what he showed me.
2 large chicken bbq pizzas
2 lbs. chicken breasts
2 lbs. boneless spare ribs
several lbs. of  the "bacon weave"
and melted velveeta all in layers.

It really did weigh 11.5 lbs.   He put it on the scale to weigh it!   It looks much smaller in the picture, but it took a whole shelf in my refrigerator.  It was inspired by a show he's seen called Epic Meal Time.   I think it cost my son almost a week's paycheck to make this!!  It was a once in a lifetime thing :)

My husband tried a slice and I think his eyes rolled back into his head in pure bliss.  It was the utlimate man food.   I just happened to think--on birthdays around our house, the birthday person gets to chose the meal, I wonder if this might make my men's birthday meal list!   Oh wow!!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  My ds was going to a party tonight and he came into my room and asked me what would happen if he cooked something in one of my everyday bowls.   I said that bowl wasn't oven safe, what was he going to cook and I'd get him the right bowl.

He wanted to make a "bacon weave" bowl and use that to hold a cheese dip to take to the party.   Uh...yeah...I didn't think it would work.  DH and DS discussed it and thought it would definitely work and be a great idea.  It did get put on the back burner, but I think I might be seeing the bacon weave bowl in my future!

Are you as speechless as me ;-)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two cards featuring PTI Everyday Button Bits

This is another posting of previous Youtube videos.   Shortly, I'll be posting new content.   Until then....

I really like how buttons can add to a card when used the right way, but for some reason I have a really hard time using buttons.  They look so hodgepodge, last minute addition when I use them on cards.   So, I decided Papertrey Ink's Everyday button bits would help me get going with buttons.   And there were several images I really liked, like the chickadee one.   Anyway, this set is really great for creating great looking quick cards with just one layer.   These cards in the videos aren't the quickies that you can do with this set, but they are fun and I really like how they turned out.


Monday, March 12, 2012

CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge Cupcake Birthday Card

Well, today I am starting the process of adding videos to my blog that I filmed months ago and added to my Youtube channel but never added to my blog (much to my current regret).  For today, I chose to share a birthday card I created using the CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge.   The cartridge is a bit pricey but I absolutely love it and every feature is so use-able.   I think they're giving it away free this month if you sign up as a consultant, which is an amazing deal.  Anyway, I've enjoyed this cartridge and this particular card was fast and easy to make.  

Hope you enjoy it!!  Time for me to head to Amazon and pack some boxes :)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Changes Are A Comin'

I know I've been irregular with posting on my blog and have had several absences.  However, it seems like I am at a time in my life when I can once again post regularly on my blog and also create videos.   AND I have the desire to get back into the saddle with my crafting/videoing.   To get off to a running start ---and to avoid spinning my wheels trying to figure out technical stuff, I am having my blog professionally designed by Aqua Poppy Designs.   It will be a few weeks before the changes will take effect, but I know you'll like the new blog.

Besides, the new design, I will be taking a few detours with my blog.   If you've followed some of my recent Youtube videos (which I haven't cross posted on here---sorry :(---- more about that in a few minutes), you'll know that I am no longer a Stampin UP demonstrator, and although I still love their products, I also am no longer Stampin' UP exclusive.   I now make videos featuring other companies products, mainly Papertrey Ink and Cricut.  I'll still continue to make videos with SU items, but you'll see other companies products too.

Several of you have asked what happened to me when I disappeared.   Well, I was busy finishing homeschooling my children and I took up a new hobby- organic square foot gardening in raised beds.   I spent a lot of time learning/reading about gardening techniques/pests/etc and working in the garden---and learning how to can-- and didn't craft as much that first summer.   And when I started crafting again, I didn't make videos due to time constraints.   But I still had the desire to share with everyone the things I was learning and the new things I was doing.  

Now, both of my kids are in college.   I have a bit of an empty nest.   But not as much extra time as I thought, as I'm working full time at in Chattanooga!   But I still want to share with you what I'm doing and so I've decided to dedicate a portion of each week to show you what I'm working on.   And this is probably going to the be the biggest change---it might not always be crafting.  I want to share something crafty each week--but I also will be sharing about the garden or maybe even what I'm doing in the kitchen.  I hope you stay subscribed and stick around and see what these new changes will bring about.

Until I get my newly designed blog, I plan on putting up the videos on this blog that I've posted to Youtube, but never put on here.   And I'll also be posting some pictures of projects.   And I'll be going through and changing some of the labels on past posts.   I want to clean up my labels (previously, they listed every SU set that I owned that had a project, I am now grouping things by manufacturer).  I hope this doesn't clutter the box for those who are subscribed.   I had this terrible realization that you might be flooded with updates to blog, when it's just me changing the labels.   I had this realization that it could have happened (or maybe not????I don't know)   after I changed about 100 posts.   Please forgive me!!!!   I really "know not what I do!!!"   I still haven't fixed the labels on about 30 posts.   I really want to get those right. So, please forgive me if I wreak havoc again.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cricut Create A Critter Valentine

In this video I use my gypsy to create a Valentine card, featuring the Create A Critter Cartridge.   You'll see me use the "hide" feature to make the cricut cut only the parts I want it to cut (so I can try out my new Peachy Keen face stamps).   And you'll see how I lay out my cuts into different quadrants for the different colors of cardstock I plan to use.   So, even if you don't own this particular cartridge or the Peachy Keen stamps, I hope you pick up a few tips on using your gypsy and cricut.

Favorite Products of 2011

Tonight I posted a video showcasing my favorite products from 2011 and some of my all time favorites.   Maybe there is something new to you or something that you've been on the fence about?  These are all products I recommend 100%  !

Baby Shower with a spring/ladybug theme using the Paisley Cricut Cartridge

Invitation: Baroque Motiff Stampin' Up Stamp Set & Paisley Cricut Cartridge

Banner-  Used the (Blessing was the baby's name :).  I used the Paisley cartridge to decorate the banner and we hung it over the gift table.  The mother took it home and hung it in the baby's room.

Seed Packets-  Bought the 5/$1 flower seeds from Walmart.  Used the Freshly Picked Cricut to cut seed packets that could cover the Walmart ones.  (If anyone needs dimensions for this let me know.  I have it saved on my Gypsy).  I used the ladybugs from the Paisley cartridge to decorate the fronts.  And I used an acrylic alphabet stamp set to stamp "May Flowers".   On the side of the gift table we had a cream clay pot with florist picks holding these seed packets with a sign saying "April Showers, bring May Flowers."  It was an April baby shower.  The seed packets were the shower favor.

In a recent Youtube video, I said that the Paisley  Cricut Cartridge is one of my favorites.  The above pictures are why I fell in love with this cartridge.   The Paisley cartridge has the cutest images.   I've really enjoyed making things with it.  And as an added bonus, you can get it really cheap on Ebay.   It has been around for a while, but it was new to me in 2011, and that's why it made my list.