Sunday, March 18, 2012

The MAN sandwich

You know there are just some things that are man foods-- those things that all men like.   Like triple bacon cheeseburgers.  You know what I mean.  Well, what you are about to see is the **ultimate** man meal.

You see, it started when my son told me he wanted to get a few things at the grocery store.   I was thinking that maybe he was going to buy a pound of ham, since that is the sandwich meat of choice of the two men in the house, and we're always running out  and dh and ds are always at odds over who ate *all the ham*.   So, I figured he wanted to buy his own stash of ham :)   I suggested he stop at Aldi (a discount grocery store).

Well, when I got home ds was so excited to tell me that he made a 11.5 pound sandwich.   I couldn't imagine it.   I was trying to imagine how you could fit something that size in your mouth and where in the world would you get the bun.   I expressed this.  He informed me that he had made his own bun.   I couldn't imagine this either!!  Then he explained that he'd used two large bbq chicken pizzas for the top and bottom buns.  WHAT??  You gotta show me this!!

And this is what he showed me.
2 large chicken bbq pizzas
2 lbs. chicken breasts
2 lbs. boneless spare ribs
several lbs. of  the "bacon weave"
and melted velveeta all in layers.

It really did weigh 11.5 lbs.   He put it on the scale to weigh it!   It looks much smaller in the picture, but it took a whole shelf in my refrigerator.  It was inspired by a show he's seen called Epic Meal Time.   I think it cost my son almost a week's paycheck to make this!!  It was a once in a lifetime thing :)

My husband tried a slice and I think his eyes rolled back into his head in pure bliss.  It was the utlimate man food.   I just happened to think--on birthdays around our house, the birthday person gets to chose the meal, I wonder if this might make my men's birthday meal list!   Oh wow!!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  My ds was going to a party tonight and he came into my room and asked me what would happen if he cooked something in one of my everyday bowls.   I said that bowl wasn't oven safe, what was he going to cook and I'd get him the right bowl.

He wanted to make a "bacon weave" bowl and use that to hold a cheese dip to take to the party.   Uh...yeah...I didn't think it would work.  DH and DS discussed it and thought it would definitely work and be a great idea.  It did get put on the back burner, but I think I might be seeing the bacon weave bowl in my future!

Are you as speechless as me ;-)


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