Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Changes Are A Comin'

I know I've been irregular with posting on my blog and have had several absences.  However, it seems like I am at a time in my life when I can once again post regularly on my blog and also create videos.   AND I have the desire to get back into the saddle with my crafting/videoing.   To get off to a running start ---and to avoid spinning my wheels trying to figure out technical stuff, I am having my blog professionally designed by Aqua Poppy Designs.   It will be a few weeks before the changes will take effect, but I know you'll like the new blog.

Besides, the new design, I will be taking a few detours with my blog.   If you've followed some of my recent Youtube videos (which I haven't cross posted on here---sorry :(---- more about that in a few minutes), you'll know that I am no longer a Stampin UP demonstrator, and although I still love their products, I also am no longer Stampin' UP exclusive.   I now make videos featuring other companies products, mainly Papertrey Ink and Cricut.  I'll still continue to make videos with SU items, but you'll see other companies products too.

Several of you have asked what happened to me when I disappeared.   Well, I was busy finishing homeschooling my children and I took up a new hobby- organic square foot gardening in raised beds.   I spent a lot of time learning/reading about gardening techniques/pests/etc and working in the garden---and learning how to can-- and didn't craft as much that first summer.   And when I started crafting again, I didn't make videos due to time constraints.   But I still had the desire to share with everyone the things I was learning and the new things I was doing.  

Now, both of my kids are in college.   I have a bit of an empty nest.   But not as much extra time as I thought, as I'm working full time at in Chattanooga!   But I still want to share with you what I'm doing and so I've decided to dedicate a portion of each week to show you what I'm working on.   And this is probably going to the be the biggest change---it might not always be crafting.  I want to share something crafty each week--but I also will be sharing about the garden or maybe even what I'm doing in the kitchen.  I hope you stay subscribed and stick around and see what these new changes will bring about.

Until I get my newly designed blog, I plan on putting up the videos on this blog that I've posted to Youtube, but never put on here.   And I'll also be posting some pictures of projects.   And I'll be going through and changing some of the labels on past posts.   I want to clean up my labels (previously, they listed every SU set that I owned that had a project, I am now grouping things by manufacturer).  I hope this doesn't clutter the box for those who are subscribed.   I had this terrible realization that you might be flooded with updates to blog, when it's just me changing the labels.   I had this realization that it could have happened (or maybe not????I don't know)   after I changed about 100 posts.   Please forgive me!!!!   I really "know not what I do!!!"   I still haven't fixed the labels on about 30 posts.   I really want to get those right. So, please forgive me if I wreak havoc again.


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