Thursday, January 1, 2009

Valentine Lip Balm Holder Tutorial, PART 2

PART ONE IS BELOW! This is the second part of the tutorial. I sort of stumbled around at the end, but I'm just so glad that I actually made my first tutorial!!! :)


Lauren said...

Hey great vid. Love the lip balm holders. Will have to try they would make great gifts.

Do you know what happened 2 ur thread on SCS, I typed a comment, then it said invalid URL. Now I can't find it again. Was it deleted?
THanks xx

lifewithgraceandjoy said...

Great video Lisa!! My kids enjoyed watching it with me. Adam asked if I would remember each step. You know I won't without your help! It's good to know I have your video to refer to.

Betty said...

Great job on the video! Yours is the first I have seen with the heart punch. So cute!