Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do you know what today is?

It's Ground Hog's Day!!! And it also is my daughter's birthday!! She used to be upset that her birthday was Ground Hog's Day. She doesn't care anymore, but when she was little, she did! LOL! Of course, her grandpa loved to get her going--he would call her on her birthday when she was about 3 and ask her if she knew what day it was--Ground Hog's Day; she'd vehemently tell him, "No, it's MY birthday!!" LOL!

Well, today is my daughter's 17th birthday. So, I got up early (for me :) this morning and made her a card. I brought you on the journey :) I'm editing the video now and will post it later :)

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DeNetra Bates said...

what a beautiful card !!! i am not a fan of purple but you made me put that color on my list....wonderful job....i love it !!!