Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank Goodness For Punches!!!

Punches have saved me on more than one stamping occassion. They got me through several baby showers when I didn't own a baby stamp set!! And today they helped me create a St. Patrick's Day card without a St. Patrick's Day stamp set. Now, using the hearts to make a shamrock isn't my creation. I've been it around on blogs for a couple of years. It was filed away in my brain for a day like today!

Now, making my own colored glitter might be my own creation, I some other stamper has thought about this by now, I'm sure??? I dunno. I was originally going for a mixture of different green glitters, but as you'll see in the video I accidentally dropped TWO drops of reinker instead of one into my glitter--so it all ended up the same color. Anyway, it still worked out great.

I had to cut over 3 minutes from the video, so you might notice some chopiness. I hope you stil enjoy it :)


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