Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vintage Vogue Cracked Glass

I decided to do the Vintage Vogue and the cracked glass technique together. I hadn't done this technique since last summer with the 24-7 stampset. It's a fun technique.

When you crack your "glass" you can get different results. The colder your paper and the quicker you crack your glass, the deeper the crackers. The warmer your paper and the slower you crack, the more subtle the cracks. Error on the side of being subtle. You can always stick it back in the freezer and recrack it. If I had to do it over again, I would have gone slowly and allowed the card to warm up a bit. (It had been in the freezer for a while because I got sidetracked on the computer).

In the video I do 4 coats of Versamark and Glassy Glaze embossing powder, but you can probably do 2-3 if you get good coverage. You want your embossing to create a shiny smooth surface without dimples. Also, I say to keep the card in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. 15-20 will probably do you. My card was curled up it was sooo cold--LOL!!

Hope you enjoy the video.

ETA: Oh boy!! I edited this video twice and both times have made a mess of it. Thank you, anonymous, for letting me know that the embossing part got cut from the video. I apologize to everyone for that. I'm editing it again and putting it up on youtube when I'm through :).


lovnmt said...

Hi Lisa,

LOVE the cracked glass technique. Very cool card. I wanted to let you know that when you finish stamping and are going to emboss your video starts over at the stamping part again (at about 4min 5 sec mark). Then it completes just fine.
Thank you for your great videos. I check in everyday to see what new cool card you have for us. Have a great day.

StampupLisa said...

THANK YOU SOO MUCH for letting me know that. I've been lucky so far that I haven't made a mistake like this before now. I love making cards, but the filming and editing part is not my strength. I'm done with watching myself on video over and over after a long editing session that I often don't watch my edited video all the way through. I guess that will teach me!! I'm off to fix the issue now :) THANK YOU!

And thank you soo much for your encouragement!!


Anonymous said...


So far i am loving this technique. Although video 1 does not show the instructions for the embossing part. Video 2 starts with it coming out of the freezer.

Is it possible to post the written instructions for the embossing part?

I am loving all the techniques you show.


StampupLisa said...

Thank you :) I'm glad you're enjoying the videos :) Sorry about my editing errors!! Oh boy!! I am in the process of fixing the video. If thing still aren't clear, leave another comment and I'll explain better :)

Thank you all for visiting and taking the time to comment. It really means a lot to me :)


Anonymous said...

Love your cards, Lisa! What color is the red CS you used at the end. Thank you, Mary Ann