Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inspired by Nature meets the chalkboard technique

We made this card at Debra's party last night. I love this stamp set, Inspired By Nature. It looks good however you use it and is so versatile. It's not in the catalog but it still available to order.

Doesn't it look great with the chalkboard technique? When I've done this card before, people thought the image was painted. LOL!! It's actually a super quick and easy card.

The chalkboard technique is simple but there are a couple of hints to be successful. To do the chalkboard technique you need a piece of dark cardstock andwhisper white craft ink. After you stamp your image in the white craft ink, you chalk up a sponge dauber and lightly tap onto the colored chalk onto the white craft ink. DO NOT RUB THE DAUBER OR TAP HARD as this will ground the chalk into the paper. When you are done chalking up your image, blow off the extra chalk. I also like to use a flat soft paintbrush to brush away the extra chalk. If there is a haze around your image, lightly rub your fingers on the cardstock to remove any haze (the slight oil/moisture from your hands will remove that last bit).

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Lisa said...

I love this look - so elegant. I'm going to borrow this set from my mom and give it a try. Do you think a sponge would work instead of the daubers?