Thursday, March 25, 2010

Missing in action again

Hey, everyone! I'm still around, but I haven't been stamping! This is the longest in a long time that I haven't stamped!

I decided just a week or so ago that I wanted to put in raised garden beds via Square Foot Gardening. I've gardened with this method before, but it's been years. So I've been busy researching some different things. I'm still in research mode for the plants I'll be growing. But I've got my lumber cut and ready for DH to build the beds this weekend, and I've found a place to get some nice rich mushroom compost and peat moss so I can get my soil in shape. I hope to have garden beds by the end of this weekend :)

Yesterday, life was interrupted with a bomb scare. The police suspected a bomb nearby and evacuated the area. It turned out to be safe :) So, I didn't get much done yesterday--and my friend whom I visited didn't get much done either!!

Then, today I went to a cooking class for making whole wheat bagels!! Yum! Yum!!

Now, I'm back and focused on the garden, at least through this weekend.

I hope to make some cards again next week :)


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