Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Birthday Cards :)

A week ago, it was my birthday!! It was awesome b/c I am surrounded by awesome family and friends!! My best friend Kellye took me out to Red Lobster to eat!! It was yummy! But I had to change my top when I got home (blush!!). I am always dropping stuff on myself! Kellye was really brave taking me OUT to eat!! It was a great time!!!

Anyway, today's card is one that I received from her! Can you believe this is her first card she made by herself with her own design?? It looks GREAT!!! I can't wait to see other cards she makes!!

And later today when the sunlight is bright enough, I'll take a picture of my upline's birthday card to me. I've always loved Mary's work. She can do do simple or complicated cards and they all look GREAT!!! I love CASEing her work!!!!

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Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm going to use your "hill" technique as soon as I get a chance to stamp.