Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Forest Friends with shrubs

This is another Forest Friends card. I know I've been overwhelming you with them. This is the last one for a while (I think). If you've watched my video tutorial on this, you'll know how I made the hill. On this card, I've added some shrubs.

Here's how I did the shrubs. You know the paper that you tore for the hill? Keep the bottom half. You'll use both pieces to make this card. You use the top half, when you block off the upper page and sponge the bottom to make the hill. When you're done, you'll take the lower piece of torn paper and use it to cover the hill you just sponged. HINT: leave a tiny bit of hill showing above your torn paper (this will make sure your shrubs are grounded and not floating). Then ink up your tree stamp in solid green and stamp at the bottom to make a shrub. If you want, you can use your ruby red marker to make little berries on the shrub.

The butterfly is also a neat touch and it came from the set Branch Out.

If you have any questions, from my above explanation, please let me know.

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