Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Disney Paperbag Album and Explosion Box

some pages from the paperbag album

the front of the album

inside the explosion box

The explosion box with the lid sitting inside.

My sister asked me to make her a couple of albums that she can give as gifts. She's going to
Disney with extended family over Christmas vacation. So, I created the above for her.
I love making paperbag albums and explosion boxes because they are fun and quick. But there's a story behind the Mickey paperbag album. My friend, Twila, wants me to sell it to her. I think she's mainly teasing me. I hate to disappoint Twila, but I just can't do it!! You see, soon after I finished the album, I spilled COFFEE all over it!!!! It was soo depressing. I had to completely remake the album. The second time around wasn't as much fun. Make a third one??? It would completely lose the fun!!! But Twila's welcome to come over and copy this one ;-)

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