Monday, April 12, 2010

OH NO! Tell me it ain't so!!! WHERE'D MY MOJO GO????

I've been soo busy with other things lately, that I haven't been stamping. This is the longest time I've gone without stamping for a while. When I sat down at my desk last night, I just couldn't get the juices flowing on things I wanted to create.

I decided to get me going, I would start easy :) So, I went to the basket on my desk. I keep a basket with pieces that I've made for cards, but for whatever reason, they never made it onto a card. I pulled out this LOVE You Much image I'd made earlier and turned it into a card. That wasn't too hard :)
Then, I decided to look through the SAB catalog and saw a card I wanted to copy. I didn't have all the materials but I made do with what I had:) I used all colors from the new BRIGHTS collection we'll have this summer. And I added Summer Sun as the base and for other pieces.
Then I went to the Idea Book & Catalog for inspiration for my next two cards. They're pretty much copies except for some changes in colors :)

Have a great day!! Get some stamping in and don't let your MOJO go!!


Anonymous said...

I lose my Mojo all the time. Your not alone. Keep up the great work.

tmorrow said...

if this is what you make when yoo dont have mojo I can't imagine how great your cards are when you have mojo. these are great.

Loraine Arderne said...

There are really cute!

Diana said...

It looks like you have mojo to me.